2022 Tournament of Champions Update

The second annual Tournament of Champions will begin in January 2023. Last year's contest was a nice way for folks to get to know owners they didn't know around the site, a way to introduce some different ways of playing CSFBL, and a way for us to say thanks to our loyal users with a good ol' prize - $250 and a very nice Championship Ring.

(This is a promotional contest purely intended to provide some fun for folks that are interested - no entry fee required)

Qualifiers List

Invites to the qualifiers will go out in late November, when we have 32 entries I will announce the field.

Qualification Rules Refresher

2022 Tournament Format

  • Four 8-team leagues

  • The two WS participants in each league will be merged into one Final Table, with the winner of that league declared Tournament Champion

  • The leagues will be run similarly to the current Redraft format with a few differences.

  • Season begins with a full serpentine draft of players to try to give everyone as close to a level playing field as possible. It is a nice format for this contest, as each season is a self-contained contest in itself.

  • Expect drafts to take about a week to complete, with each owner usually making multiple picks a day. We will help facilitate these drafts to the best of our abilities. We all have busy lives, but to ensure the draft is not delayed endlessly by inattentive owners, we will use a 12 hour maximum clock before an auto-pick is assigned, and three infractions will result in the owner being replaced by the next person on the entry list. The reason that leagues are limited to 8 managers each is to keep the drafts a manageable length.

  • No trading or free agency involved - draft your team, run your team, bing bang boom.

More details to come as we get closer to the tournament.