Lineup Lockdown - Consolation Round

Consolation Tournament, For the Rest of Us

So you didn't make the Final Tables, but you still want to PLAY?!? You are in luck because everyone that was eligible to play from the beginning is eligible to play in a CONSOLATION contest, beginning right now.


  • Eligiblity: Everyone that played on CSFBL this year prior to the start of these contests is eligible.

  • Prize: You will not win $100 dollars for the Consolation Pool, but you will win a baseball card that Zubaz already has in mind (less than $20 value, don't get too excited) and hopefully a postcard from Zubaz congratulating you on being the best of the also-rans.

    (Owners that made the Final Tables in the Original and Rerun contests are able to play in the Consolation Pool, but if you win the money in either Original or Rerun contests, you will not eligible to win the Consolation Pool prizes - c'mon, share the wealth.)

  • Rules: The rules are a bit different than the contests so far, as we are using this time to try out some future scenarios:
    • 'Old School' - Sim Model set to Classic Era
    • 'Up the Middle, Solves the Riddle' - All stadiums will be locked at the average settings
    • 'All-Star Break' - You will get your teams back for 24 hour "all-star break" at the 80 game mark, to be able to modify your settings/lineups/etc... for the second half of the season. (Excluding stadium)

Refresher on the basic contest format - Lineup Lockdown Details

Questions? Send a PM to citizenclone