HOW TO: Maximizing your allocation money

Ever wish CSFBL had a cheat sheet? Some place you could go for advice on how to evaluate players or build a winning team? Maybe you’re thinking about making some major changes to your roster and aren’t sure how to go about it. Well you’re in luck, because all of that and more is explained in the new 'How To' pages.

Maximizing your Front Office Allocations

Everyone wants to build a long-term winner and that requires investing in the long-term health of your team. There are some important strategies and tricks to use every preseason to help you better invest in your team's front office allocations (FOAs) every season when they lock on April 1st. Here’s some help on getting more money into scouting, development and drills during March:

  • The game rounds your allocation moneys, so 4.75M is all you need to get the full $5M in any category.

  • There is a very big difference in having 1 or 2 points in scouting vs none. Trying to play blind will severely hinder your ability to make winning moves. If you do decide to give up scouting, make sure you go all-in on that year (like trading away draft picks) and screenshot your roster before 4/1.

  • Any player in AAA with experience (not 0) will affect your FOA. For this reason, you should activate or cut them prior to 4/1.

  • Any player on your active roster with 0 experience will affect your FOA, so if they cost more than the AAA guy or the lowsal free agent, stash them in AAA until the lock on 4/1.

  • Don’t promote expensive rookies from the LM to the active roster until after the lock on 4/1. In the meantime, get a low salary scrub off the free agent list to take their roster spot until 4/1.

  • If you don’t think you're gonna compete this year, trade away veterans to help your FOA. You need it to grow and scout your young guys. If you are competing, don’t completely neglect the FOA, or your elite team will be short lived.

  • Always think twice about "buying" before 4/1, the person selling will probably be forced to sell low or cut the player if their FOA and cap situation are bad. Look at the free agent list and see what's available "for free" to get a better handle on the value of the player in the trade.

This HOW TO ended with a few tips on trading, which is where we'll go next. Starting with some wise trading advice from veteran CSFBLers