Overview of Team Pages

When you click on the name of a team, you go to that team's homepage. On the team homepage, you'll see an overview of that team and their history including current owner, league, current and lifetime record, payroll, playoff history and current top players.

When you are on the team pages, the links are oriented towards the review and management of that team. Here's a run down of the links and what they mean.

Navigating the Team Pages

Team Page Links

  • Team - Link to the team's homepage

  • League - Link to the league's homepage

  • Front Office - In CSFBL, you're the owner, GM, and manager. The Front Office is where the "owner" tasks are done. Review your major league and minor league payroll. Set your investments in development, training and scouting. Renovate and name your stadium. You can read more information here: Front Office Allocations

  • News - If its newsworthy, it'll be here. Game results. All your team's transactions. Important league announcements. This is a link most owners use quite frequently.

  • Achievements - A list of all the notable game achievements by the team's players. You can find a full list of what achievements are tracked here: Player Achievements

  • Transactions - Front Office is where you wear your owner hat. The transaction page is where the GM hat goes on. Access the leagues free agents, review pending transactions, propose, receive, and complete trades. Learn more about trading here: Trade System

  • Manager - This is where the game management happens. Adjust your starting rotation, set your in-game preferences for stealing and base-running and your thresholds for pulling and resting players. You can select whether to play with a dedicated Closer (CL) and whether to go with a 4-man or 5-man rotation. Also, if a player needs to learn a new position in the minors, that's here too. It's a pretty important page, so take time to learn all about it. The pitching options are explained in detail here: Bullpen Logic and position changes explained here: Low Minors Position Changes And for a lot more information on this important page, be sure to read this: Manager's Page

  • Draft - On May 6th of every season, all leagues receive an 80-player list of prospects hoping to make it to the big leagues one day. The list of players is found here, with the ability to rank and reorder based on your preferences, You can also access all past draft lists from this page. Some leagues conduct their drafts on the CSFBL Forums. Other leagues let their drafts sim automatically based on how league owners set their rankings. For more details on the draft, you'll want to read this: Amateur Draft.

  • Roster - View the 25 players on the active roster and all players in AAA and Low Minors. The roster page displays all player ratings as well as the personal and financial data on all players. Us the 'Reassign Players' link to promote, demote or release a player. Find more details here: Team Rosters

  • Lineup - On the Lineup page, you set and review your defense and lineup versus right handed pitchers and left handed pitchers, your depth chart for replacing fatigued players and your pitching rotation and bullpen roles. This is another page that is accessed frequently by active CSFBL managers, not only for managing your own team(s), but the Lineup page is also the best page to use for scouting your opponent. Learn more here: Lineups and Depth Charts

  • GameView - Watch games unfold from the edge of your seat with CSFBL GameView, a play-by-play viewer that adds suspense and drama to any of your CSFBL games. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are heightened when you watch your games on GameView!

  • Schedule - The CSFBL regular season is 160 games long followed by 3 rounds of playoffs, the 3rd round being the league's World Series. On the schedule page, you'll see the entire season schedule, including results and details on the games that have been completed. You can also access all past season schedules in the team's history. To see more details on how a team's schedule breaks out, read here: Season Schedule

  • Stats - Baseball is all about stats. Dive deep into player and team performance on a team's Stats page. More than 30 different stat categories each for pitchers and for hitters and a dozen more for fielding. Pull the data by current season, current postseason, career, career playoffs, and past 3 seasons. If you're unsure of what a particular stat or abbreviation means reference the Statistics Glossary

  • Leaders - Baseball is not only just about stats. Its about history. On the Leaders page, you can see a team's historical best. Single season and career leaders across 20 pitching categories and 19 hitting categories.

  • Awards - On the Awards page, you'll find all the major hardware won by the team's players over the years, including Rookies of the Year, Firemen of the Year, Cy Youngs, Most Valuable Players and Hall of Fame inductions.

  • Draft History - A complete history of a team's selections in the annual Amateur Draft. Sort by year, draft position or any stat category.