Front Office Page

The Front Office is the financial backbone of your team. It is very important to become familiar with all three sections.

Your Stadium

This is where you can change the stadium dimensions. You can find out more here: Stadiums and Stadium Models

Team Finances

This shows you your: Active (Act) Roster Payroll, AAA (AAA) Roster Payroll, Low Minor (LM) Payroll, Total Payroll (which is the sum of the previous three roster payrolls), and your Front Office Payroll. The Front Office Payroll is the sum of your Active Roster Payroll PLUS the salaries of players in AAA with at least 1 season of Major League experience. Your Front Office Payroll is important in determining your player and scouting allocations.

Allocation Investment

Your Player Development, Player Drill, Batting Scout and Pitching Scout works on a 10 point system and is thoroughly explained in the Front Office Allocations section.