The League Homepage

When you click on the name of a league, you will be redirected to that league's homepage. The league homepage is truly the front door of a league and gives you access to a wealth of information. The homepage is broken up into three sections:

  • League details set-up
  • Teams and ownership
  • Seasonal history

League Details and Set-Up

An example of what you might find on the league homepage.

League Status: Describes whether the league is currently in the regular season, play-offs, or offseason. This also displays what year the league is playing.
League Date: What calendar day on the schedule the league is in.
Salary Cap: Amount of salary teams can spend on players, before they are restricted from certain transactions
Pre-Season FAs Whether the league generates new free agents each season
Simulation Speed: How quickly this league's calendar moves - 2, 4, or 8 games per day.
League Type: Public or Private. Private leagues require a password to join when formed.
League Message: This refers to a message from a league commissioner. Can be used to inform the league of dates, events, or matters they feel are important. Allows you to enter a URL link.


Scroll down and you will find links to all 24 teams in the league and their owners, grouped by divisions and conferences. If a team in the league is available, you can recruit the team from here.
This shows the division breakdown of the league, the team names, and the individual (franchise) owning the team if the team is currently owned. All leagues currently have four divisions with each division consisting of six teams, for a total of 24 teams. Teams remain in the same division throughout the history of the league.

The team and franchise names listed are also links to that team and/or franchise. This is a quick way to have a look at the roster and lineups of the other teams in the league.

Seasonal History

Scroll down a little more and browse through a league’s history season by season, regular season standings, playoff results, draft overview, stats leaders, award winners, and World Series results are all listed for each season of the league.

The groups on the rest of the page are links and award information for the past and current seasons of the league. You can also use the League Stats page for further statistical information.