Choosing a league

To be able to fully run your own a team, you will first you need to verify your email address through the Registration Process.

Once you have registered to participate in the game and forums, you are ready to join a league, or leagues. You may join as many leagues as you like. The best way to start is by going to the Find a League page and browse through the active leagues. There are over 100+ active leagues to choose from - some leagues are new, while others have simmed 180+ seasons. At first glance it may seem a bit overwhelming but there are many options available to help you narrow down your choice(s).

  • Sim rates of 8 games per day, 4/day and 2/day
    • 8/day leagues play a season in about 1 month. 4/days in about 2 months. 2/days in about 4 months.
  • Leagues with current openings
    • There are always leagues looking for new owners!
  • Mentor leagues
    • If you are a new user, or a user returning to the game after a layoff, it is highly recommended that you join a mentor league or two.There is almost always a brand new mentor league getting started, so it is a great way to get in on a league from the beginning.
  • Commissioner leagues
    • Leagues that have a commissioner are more stable, more active, and more competitive. Leagues without a commissioner are more casual, temporary, and low-key.
  • Top Tier and activity levels
    • The most competitive leagues qualify as Top Tier and the results get counted in site-wide user records. Activity level indicates which leagues have the most active owners. Rabid (extremely active) leagues have 23 or 24 owners who have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days.
  • Salary caps ranging from $40 million to $75 million
    • Some participants like low cap leagues that require lots of roster decisions and offer plenty of free agent options. Others may prefer high cap leagues that enable the ability to build dynasties and stockpile replacements.
  • Number of seasons in league's history
    • Join a new or relatively new league, or join a league with decades and decades of history.
  • Current league date
    • Join a team in the preseason, right before the draft, or as it fights for a playoff berth.

More Information on Leagues

Mentor Leagues

When you click on "Find a League" you have 5 options. We recommend a mentor league for new CSFBLers. Mentor leagues have veteran CSFBLers assigned to the league, ready to help. They don't have a team in the league. They are somewhat equivalent to having a veteran bench coach in your dugout. They are available to answer any questions you might have, to help you learn the game and to give you opinions and suggestions on your lineup, your trades, your draft picks, and whatever else you might need.

Games Per Day

"Games Per Day", otherwise known as the "sim rate", lets you know whether a league is simulating 2, 4 or 8 games each day. Slow sim rates (2 games per day), are great for people who like to watch their team day-in and day-out and don't want to risk missing any opportunity to manage their team. Fast sim rates (4 and 8 games per day) are for stat-heads, people who like to see stats accumulate and are less interested in sim-to-sim management, though the same management options apply to all leagues regardless of sim rate.

League Activity Level

The easiest way to evaluate the state of a league is the look at the Activity Level which can be found on the Find a League page.

All leagues are broken down into 1 of 4 activity ranks.

Rabid: 23+ owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days

High: 18-22 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days

Average: 13-17 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days

Low: 0-12 owners have logged in 30+ times in the past 30 days

Using League Activity Levels is an easy way to match up your own CSFBL activity level with other players investing similar time and energy into their teams.

Commissioner Leagues

Many of the most active CSFBL leagues have a commissioner (or multiple commissioners) overseeing the league's operations. Typically, leagues with a commissioner are more active and more competitive. Since people are actively monitoring these leagues, they are more reputable. Leagues with a commissioner are more likely to have customized features like a different salary cap or a draft lottery. You can easily find out if a league has a commissioner or not on the Find a League page, or on the specific league page.

Other League Classifications and Terminology

New public leagues are assigned a name consisting of 3 random Greek letters. As a result, Greek Leagues is a term that can refer to new, starter leagues. Greek Leagues are public leagues, often with a limited shelf-life given the turnover of ownership in starter leagues.

Early on in the CSFBL's history, a handful of the most active and prestigious leagues were assigned as Premier Leagues. Historically, Premier Leagues were highly competitive, with customized rules and regulations, and an active forum presence. Over the years, the term Premier League has lost some of its significance. However, the handful of leagues that still enjoy the Premier designation remain some of the most historically significant leagues in all of the CSFBL.

Let's do this!

Now you know about all the ways to sort, evaluate, and compare the many leagues of CSFBL. The best part is, you don't have to choose just one! So why not take the next step ...Recruiting a Team!