Acceptable Use Policy

Code of Conduct

A user should recognize that CSFBL (both the game and the forums) is a public Web site. As a result, behavior is expected to be in line with what is acceptable in a public arena. Any form of harassment, bullying, obscene language, threats, discussion of criminal activity, explicit sexual terminology, posting of "spam", or other inappropriate behavior may result in censorship or deletion of content, shutting down a user's franchise, and/or revoking access to CSFBL.

Team ownership limitations

Persons may not own more than one team in an individual league. This is restricted on an individual user account level; however, a person who creates a second (or third, etc.) user account is still bound to respect this limitation. Limited participation per league is required to maintain a competitive balance and to avoid the possibility of cheating (collusion, trade bias, "tanking", etc.). If a person is found to be cheating in this manner, all of the user's franchises may be shut down, and the user's access to CSFBL may be revoked.

Respecting individual league rules

Some CSFBL leagues, particularly the more active leagues, have specific rules and guidelines on team ownership and activity. Since membership in all leagues is voluntary, by choosing to participate in one of these leagues, you should agree to observe and follow these rules and guidelines.

However, the game administrators will not actively enforce violations to these rules. (This is especially significant to public leagues.) Rules established by a league that are outside the controls of the game are non-enforceable "gentleman's agreements".

Maintain a competitive environment

The goal of CSFBL is to create a competitive gaming community. As a result, all owners are expected to take a reasonably active role in managing their team. ("Reasonable" activity is subjective depending on the overall activity of the leagues which an owner is a member of.) Failure to maintain a reasonably active role in managing your team may result in loss of ownership of your team(s). Furthermore, obvious actions which go against the competitive nature of the game - clearly biased trades, tanking, and so forth - may result in the loss of ownership of your team(s).

Proper use of the forums

CSFBL provides a free forums for its community of players at If you read a post (or receive a private message) which you feel is inappropriate or violates anything mentioned in this policy, please use the Report link in the bottom right corner of the post to report the post to the site administrators.

How to file a complaint against these guidelines

If you suspect a player to violate these guidelines you should file a formal complaint. (For forums-related issues, you should use the Report link as mentioned above.)

Formal complaints can be filed by sending an email to The complaint must include details on the complaint

  • Strip the users of their team ownership;
  • Disable the users CSFBL accounts;
  • Put the users on warning.

A person put on warning who does not improve the situation in a reasonable timeframe is subject to having their team ownership or access to the game revoked.