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Offseason Schedule

Summary: After the World Series, what happens?

The Post Season

After the end of the World Series, end-of-season awards are declared:

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Cy Young
  • Rookie of the Year
  • All-Stars (one for each non-pitcher position per division; 5 pitchers)
  • Gold Gloves (one per position)

On November 1 of a league's season, the season "flips". Essentially, the current season ends, and the game fast-forwards to the next year's pre-season. When a season "flips" the following takes place:

  • Players decide whether or not to retire (based on career happiness)
  • Players meet with arbitrators and get their contracts for the next season (contract dollars are based on a player's ratings and age)
  • Players age one year, and as a result may experience increases and/or decreases in ratings
  • Additional free agents are automatically signed if a team's roster is below the league minimum 25 players (due to retirements and players deciding not to sign with your team)
  • Team front office allocations are fixed based on available money under the salary cap ($50 million less total payroll); these dollars will impact scouting for the upcoming season and player development and drills at the end of the upcoming season

Leagues which have less than 12 owned teams at the end of a season will immediately be suspended from simming additional games. Within 72 hours from the end of the season, the league will be disbanded, and all owned teams in the league will return to pending status. All history of the old league will disappear, including statistics, games, and retired players. Players on each owned team's current roster (active, AAA, and low) will be retained, and the team will be eligible to join a new league just like any other pending team.