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Hall of Fame

Induction into the Hall of Fame is the ultimate individual accomplishment and reserved for a select few of the elite players who play the game.

Brand new CSFBL leagues open the doors to their Hall of Fame and induct their first players after 10 seasons of play.

Established CSFBL leagues – leagues with quite a bit of history, are different. Players can only enter the Hall of Fame after they retire. If they qualify they will be on the ballot every year for 10 years. If the player is not elected within those 10 years he is no longer eligible (the sim/AI elects the player). In order to qualify for eligibility, hitters and pitchers must meet the following requirements:

Requirements for a Hitter:
•       Retired
•       2000+ plate appearances
•       HOF score of 25.0+

Requirements for a Pitcher:
•       Retired
•       1,000+ innings pitched or 250+ games
•       HOF score of 25.0+

HOF Score:
You can find this by opening the player profile, (clicking on his name). Scroll down, click on “Achievements/Awards”. Scroll down to see the HOF Score and Probability. It will look like this:

The HOF Score is Determined By:

  • Statistics
  • Milestones (Bonus points for 500 HR’s or 300 Wins, etc.)
  • Number of awards the player has won. *These These include: MVP, CYA, RotY, FotY and GG.
  • Years of experience with a team. (If a tie exists, the better statistical seasons are taken into account).

A player's probability of making the Hall of Fame increases towards the end of their career.

  • Note:
    CYA = Cy Young Award
    RotY = Rookie of the Year
    GG = Gold Glove
    AS = All Star
    FotY = Fireman of the Year