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Glossary of Terms

Summary: Terms and definitions that will help you understand CSFBL.

Glossary of Terms

ZeroUnscouted Scoutaka Zero-scout:. A players numbers without any scouting. The Free Agent page and Draft List are shown at 0 scouting.

Half ScoutHalf-scout: Showing half of your team's current scouting.

Full Scout:Full-scout: Showing a player's ratings at max scouting (5 million invested). Also considered 10 points of scouting.

Under ScoutUnder-scout: When a player's 0 scout (no-scout) potential ratings are less than the player's scouted numbers.

Over ScoutOver-scout: When a player's 0 scout potential ratings are more than the player's scouted numbers.

Mis-scout: Sometimes, players just don't display accurate scouting when attempting to scout and their full scouted numbers are different than what you may have scouted them as initially. This is a relatively rare occurance.

FOA: Front Office Allocations, generally used to describe the available money invested into Development, Drills, and Scouting.

Commissioner: A user who oversees and regulates a given league.

Private League: A league that must have teams assigned by a designated commissioner. These leagues are more active, and have a commissioner who helps oversee and regulate the league. Private league also have the option to change the league's salary cap and simulation speed, in addition to numerous other customizable features.

Live Draft: A luxury that most private league do. These drafts are conducted on the forums, generally in block format and allow users to be more interactive in there draft choices and trading.

Block Draft: A live draft where groups of teams are given a time-frame to submit their draft choices to the commissioner.

Zero Experience Player: A player who has yet to get 130 Plate Appearances or 30 IP in a given season. Zero experience players do not count against FOA as long as they are in Low Minors or AAA when allocations are locked.