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Top Tier Leagues

CSFBL posts User Win/Loss Records and rankings and other ways to compare users, leage and compete.

One of the challenges with any comparison feature is trying to create a level and balanced view. In the case of CSFBL, the specific challenge is that all leagues are not created equally. Not all leagues have the same level of competition or degree of difficulty.

For user records or any CSFBL comparison tool to mean anything, we need to curate which leagues are included with a very clear definitions of how a league qualifies for inclusion. We have a number of ways to compare leagues, and we have a pretty good idea of what the parameters are of an active and competitive league. So we've creating a designation called "Top Tier" Leagues, and will apply the following qualifiers to determine the list:

How to Qualify as a Top Tier League

To qualify as Top tier, a league must meet either of the following criteria:

1) Include any league with 20+ rabid owners


2) For the rest, include any league that meets ALL 4 of the following 4 criteria:
Live draft
Average or higher activity level (13 or more Rabid owners)
20 or more owners

Qualification is based on current league status, so leagues can gain and lose their Top Tier status. In other words, whether a league's entire history is included in User Records is determined by their current ability to meet Top Tier qualifications. Hopefully this provides a strong incentive for people to improve their favorite leagues in an effort to get them to meet the qualifications.

For a current list of all Top Tier leagues, go to the Find A League page and sort by Top Tier Leagues.