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Statistics Glossary

Summary: This is a glossary of the statistics used and tracked by CSFBL.

Batting Statistics (Standard)

G: Games
AB: At-bats
R: Runs scored
H: Hits
2B: Doubles
3B: Triples
HR: Home runs (inside and outside the park)
RBI: Runs batted in
BB: Base on balls (includes intentional walks)
SO: Strikeouts
SB: Stolen bases
CS: Caught stealing
AVG: Batting average, calculated as: ( H / AB )        
OBP: On-base percentage, calculated as: ( H + BB + HBP / Plate Appearances )
SLG: Slugging percentage, calculated as: ( Total Bases / AB )

Batting Statistics (Extended)

PA: Plate appearances
TB: Total bases on hits, calculated as: ( 1B + 2 * 2B + 3 * 3B + 4 * HR)
GO: Ground ball outs
FO: Fly ball outs
FFO: Foul fly ball outs
SF: Sacrifice flies
HBP: Hit by pitch
GDP: Grounded into double play
ROE: Reach base on error (as a batter, not as a baserunner)
XB: Extra base taken on a fly out (tagging up) or a hit (as a baserunner)
BRO: Baserunning out - thrown out attempting to take an extra base on a fly
out (tagging up) or a hit (as a baserunner)
OPS: On Base Plus Slugging, calculated as: ( OBP + SLG )
SA: Secondary Average
RC: Runs Created
LWTS: Linear Weights
ABHR: At bats per home run, calculated as ( AB / HR )
TBPA: Total bases per plate appearance, calculated as ( TB/PA )

Pitching Statistics (Standard)

G: Games
IP: Innings pitched
W: Wins
L: Losses
SV: Saves
H: Hits
R: Runs
ER: Earned runs (excludes runs scored due to fielding errors)
BB: Base on balls (includes intentional walks)
HBP: Hit by pitch
SO: Strikeouts
GS: Games started
QA: Quality starts (defined as 6+ innings pitched and 3 or less earned runs)
CG: Complete games (pitcher started and finished the game)
ShO: Shutouts (complete game and no runs surrendered)
ERA: Earned run average, the number of earned runs every nine innings, calculated as ( ER / IP ) * 9
WHIP: Walks and hits per inning pitched, calculated as ( ( BB + H ) / IP )

Pitching Statistics (Extended)

SO9: Strikeouts per 9 innings, calculated as ( SO / IP ) * 9
BB9: Walks per 9 innings, calculated as ( BB / IP ) * 9
SOBB: Strikeout to walk ratio, calculated as ( SO / BB )
SV: Saves
BS: Blown saves (pitcher came in to game in save situation and surrendered the lead)
HR: Home runs (surrendered)
OAVG: Opponent batting average
OOBP: Opponent on-base percentage
OSLG: Opponent slugging average
IR: Inherited runners (runners on base when pitcher came in to game)
IRS: Inherited runners scored
HLD: Holds (pitcher came in to the game with a save situation and left the game before the end of the game with lead still in tact)

Fielding Statistics

G: Games
PO: Putouts
A: Assists
E: Errors
TC: Total chances, calculated as ( PO + A + E )
DP: Double plays
TP: Triple plays
PCT: Fielding percentage, calculated as ( ( PO + A ) / ( PO + A + E ) )
RNG: Range, calculated as ( TC / Innings Played ) * 9